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Ice Caves of Leelanau,: A Visual Exploration by Ken Scott (Leelanau Press  $25.00)
Announcing a new book by photographer, Ken Scott, of the rare ice formations on Lake Michigan in Leelanau County he captured winter of 2014. Through his lens, experience ice caves in early winter, after a March thaw and refreeze, ice balls, ridges, volcanoes and pancake ice in a color spectrum from white to green to blue. Words cannot describe the beauty of these unusual natural ice structures that only a few brave souls have experienced.  Traverse City author Jerry Dennis essay sets the mood and jars the senses as he is so able to do with works. Your feet will feel the rumble as wave crash into the shoreline carving out these ice caves covered in crystals. Ken Scott’s Facebook friend and meteorologist Ernie Ostuno of Grand Rapids supplies ice terminology and explanation for what is being viewed.

Legend of Sleeping Bear


The Legend of Sleeping Bear retells the Ojibwe legend of the Sleeping Bear Dune. The rich words written in verse by Kathy-jo Wargin are brillantly illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen. The story unfolds of the fateful swim across Lake Michigan of the two cubs and mother bear to escape a forest fire in Wisconsin, of mother bear's long wait, to the rising up of the bear cub islands in Sleeping Bear Bay. It is this duo's first legend book and was named the offical Michigan's children story. (Sleeping Bear Press, 1996. hdc $17.95)
Signed first editions are also available at $35 along with signed framed prints of the cover image $75.




Leelanau  Leelanau
One hundred and fifty color photos by Ken Scott and twelve essays by Jerry Dennis make this a spectacular book of
Leelanau County. From the details of a frail flower to the vast sand of the shorelines and surrounding hills, this book is a must for every local and visitor as well as it captures the expanses and beauty of this "Land of Delight" like no other. (Petunia Press, 2000. hdc $45 signed copies) We represent Ken Scott Photgraphy and carry his photographs. (See Prints/Posters/Photography tab)



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