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Greg Sobran Art Prints

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Enjoy the sights of Leelanau County as seen through the eyes of renowned artist, Greg Sobran.

Sold exclusively at the Cottage Book Shop, the images are of original oil on canvas paintings.  They are printed on high quality archival paper with archival ink. They are available unframed for $65 and framed for $130.
These prints will be available soon, to order call 231-334-4223.

New Local Books

Historic Cottages of Glen Lake: Revised Second Edition
By Barbara Siepker
Photos by Dietrich Floeter
Leelanau Press  $55.00
Historic Cottages of Glen Lake offers a  rare glimpse into the interiors of 60 historic Glen Lake summer cottages and the nostalgia enveloping them. The stories of the families that built on Glen Lake are recounted: where they came from, how they got here, where they stayed. They fell in love with the Glen Lake and the Dunes and sent down deep roots by building these now-historical family retreats. Three hundred and fifty photographs honor cottage lore and memories and take us on a walk back in time. Each cottage’s importance in the lives of its owners and to the community is celebrated, revealing the special sense of place and state of mind that only a lake cottage can evoke. In this revised Second Edition, six new cottages have been added, together with updated text.


The Trails of M-22: 40 of the Most Beautiful Paths Along Michigan’s Most Beautiful Highway
By Jim DuFresne
Michigan Trail Maps  $19.95
M-22 highway passes through the heart of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the state’s most popular national park with 71,000 acres of public land and 35 miles of beaches. It is also the gateway to more than two-dozen preserves protected by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy in Benzie County and the Leelanau Conservancy in Leelanau County. The Trails of M-22 is the first guidebook dedicated to leading you away from the pavement and into the dunes, forests and wetlands seen along 40 of Michigan’s most beautiful trails, including all the mainland trails in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The paths reward the adventurous with remote beaches, shoreline shipwrecks, outstanding birding opportunities and panoramic views that make you feel like you’re on the edge of the world.



Stormstruck: When Supercharged Winds Slammed Northwest Michigan
By Robert Campbell
Forward by Bob Sutherland
Mission Point Press  $21.50
It was a hundred-year storm. Thin trees snapped like matchsticks; thick ones toppled, one atop another, like felled soldiers. The storm’s straight-wind blast left houses with gaping holes, thousands of residents with no power for days, a Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore that is, said one official, unrecognizable, and a cleanup that could take years.  Included:
~The storm’s anatomy ... what caused it, and why it was so devastating.
~Mapped details of the path it followed.
~Extensive photographs showing the storm and the impact on Leelanau, Grand Traverse and Antrim counties from over 60 different photographers.
~Stories of the people affected — their heroics and the swift response to repair the damage. To order your copy call 231-334-4223


All-Time Bestsellers are Local Books:

The Back Pages of Leelanau County
By Ken Scott (Enterprise Printing $40.00)
For people who love Leelanau County, a coffee table book coming out this summer seems destined to capture a place in their hearts.
Back Pages of Leelanau County will take readers through a decade of photographs taken by famed outdoor photographer Ken Scott. The book includes every Scott photo published in the Leelanau Enterprise in its cherished position on the back page of Section One.
From the first photograph 10 years ago, Scott has every week captured scenes of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Leelanau’s small villages and most other iconic settings that have given Leelanau the simple nickname of, “The County.”
Scott’s work is both timeless and time setting as readers of the Enterprise are bound to recall many of the photos.
The book includes essays about Ken Scott and his work from Susan Ager, award-winning former columnist for the Detroit Free Press and presently a contributing writer for National Geographic, and Leelanau Enterprise co-publisher Alan Campbell.
Vintage Views Along Scenic M-22 including Sleeping Bear Dunes (Vintage Views Press  $40.00) follows a trail of vacationers and travelers along one of Michigan’s most scenic roads. M-22 winds through northern Manistee County, along the western side of Benzie County and outlines the Leelanau Peninsula. Vintage postcards, photographs, maps and advertisements illustrate a time when M-22 first beckoned motorists to come north to the land of beautiful beaches and sand dunes, lakes and rivers, forests and woodlands, farms and orchards. Featured are quaint towns and villages, old hotels and resorts, and attractions along the road. You’ll visit lighthouses and life saving stations, take a trip in a dunesmobile, fish for Mackinaw trout, and shop for souvenirs. You’ll visit state parks and learn how Sleeping Bear Dunes became a National Lakeshore.
Ice Caves of Leelanau,: A Visual Exploration by Ken Scott (Leelanau Press  $25.00)
Announcing a new book by photographer, Ken Scott, of the rare ice formations on Lake Michigan in Leelanau County he captured winter of 2014. Through his lens, experience ice caves in early winter, after a March thaw and refreeze, ice balls, ridges, volcanoes and pancake ice in a color spectrum from white to green to blue. Words cannot describe the beauty of these unusual natural ice structures that only a few brave souls have experienced.  Traverse City author Jerry Dennis essay sets the mood and jars the senses as he is so able to do with works. Your feet will feel the rumble as wave crash into the shoreline carving out these ice caves covered in crystals. Ken Scott’s Facebook friend and meteorologist Ernie Ostuno of Grand Rapids supplies ice terminology and explanation for what is being viewed.
The Art of Sleeping Bear Dunes, edited by Linda Young with essays by Jerry Dennis and Kathleen Stocking features the stunning contemporary images of the Sleeping Bear landscape and includes a historic section which highlights artworks from 1882 to the mid-1970s. Essays by Jerry Dennis and Kathleen Stocking make this a must-have for all who love this area. (Leelanau Press  $40.00)

Legend of Sleeping Bear


The Legend of Sleeping Bear retells the Ojibwe legend of the Sleeping Bear Dune. The rich words written in verse by Kathy-jo Wargin are brillantly illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen. The story unfolds of the fateful swim across Lake Michigan of the two cubs and mother bear to escape a forest fire in Wisconsin, of mother bear's long wait, to the rising up of the bear cub islands in Sleeping Bear Bay. It is this duo's first legend book and was named the offical Michigan's children story. (Sleeping Bear Press  $17.95)



One hundred and fifty color photos by Ken Scott and twelve essays by Jerry Dennis make this a spectacular book of
Leelanau County. From the details of a frail flower to the vast sand of the shorelines and surrounding hills, this book is a must for every local and visitor as well as it captures the expanses and beauty of this "Land of Delight" like no other. (Petunia Press  $40, signed copies)